Want to help us get Love Thy Neighbour made? Check out our video to find out all the details and head over to our Indiegogo Campaign by clicking the here. We've got a bunch of great perks for our backers, including the opportunity to "die" on screen in one of two walk on parts!


Some neighbours are bad. Some are terrible. But neighbours like Ty are the worst. Loud parties, rampant drug use, hurling insults at the people living around one is safe from Ty's abuse. Even those that live with him. But when he sets his angry sights on the strange man living on the other side of the fence, Ty will soon find out that fear is a two way street.

Love Thy Neighbour is the second short film project from Púka Entertainment Productions, currently in pre-production. Filming is currently scheduled for April 2019 with a budget of $20,000. Fundraising efforts will begin in earnest in November 2018. If you would like to be a backer of this award-winning project, click the link below to go to our Indiegogo campaign.

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Royal Wolf Film Awards 2018

WINNER:  Best Short Screenplay - Platinum

Boobs & Blood Film Festival 2018

Official Selection

LA Live Film Fest 2018

WINNER: Best Short Horror Screenplay

Gorst Underground Film Festival 2018

WINNER: Best Screenplay

Queen Palm International Film Festival 2018

WINNER: Best Short Screenplay - Bronze

Independent Shorts Film Festival 2018

WINNER: Best Short Screenplay -  Platinum

Big Apple Film Festival Horror Fest 2018

FINALIST: Best Screenplay

Australian Independent Film Festival 2018

SEMI-FINALIST: Best Screenplay

80 Screams International Film Festival 2018

Official Selection

Chandler International Film Festival 2019

Official Selection