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Ren is hard up for cash and for a night owl internet junkie like her, the money isn't exactly flowing in. When an online survey offers the potential for some quick cash, she can't turn it down. But as the questions keep getting weirder and weirder, she's going to wish she had.

Filming 2019.

In This Reflection

Psychologist Ellie Desmond is doing her best with her clients who range from the mildly troubled to the downright disturbed. When a treatment suggestion to patient goes badly and results in his death, she looks further into the method and in turn herself...and unlocks something dark lurking within.

Filming 2019.

The Bench

Doug is a man without hope and only finds solace while sitting on a shore line bench and watching the ocean waves. One day a stranger joins him and strikes up a conversation about the nature of good and evil, life and death. Can the stranger change Doug's mind about ending his own life?


Scarlet is just a young woman trying to enjoy the nightlife, but she has a problem: every time she brings a conquest home, they always end up dead thanks to the demon inhabiting her. Now the police are onto her and making her life hell, but she just can't seem to quench the bloodlust.

Finalist, InRoads Screenwriting Fellowship 2019.

Radio Silence

Jessica D'Orseaux is the sole engineer left on the International Spaceport while the crew shuttle is making the round trip to the  surface and back again. When the tensions on Earth erupt, Jess is stranded in space with no way to communicate with her crew...or her family. As she slips slowly into madness and the lines of reality become blurred, the visits begin.

Hitman in A Minor

Billy is starting in a new high school and has to try and make new friends, get good grades, and still work an after school a hitman. But juggling all of that proves to be more of a challenge than he thought and when a big job goes awry, his secret life is about to blow up on him...literally.

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